Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This time of year gets my heart beating....spring is just
around the corner! Some of you may know....I am a little
bit of a "clothes horse" and, I have a hobby of keeping up
with the latest fashions.....have been finding some CUTE
shoes and "fashion forward" items at Target lately and,
online at Here are 10 items to get
you up-to-date for the coming spring......FUN!
1. A striped shirt
2. Strappy flat sandal- really cute ones at!
3. Gold or silver metallic shoes or purse
4. A large slouchy purse
5. brown eyeshadow ( I love to look at
6. A bright yellow or green trench coat
7. A plaid blouse with belt around your middle....super cute!
8. One shoulder blouse or dress
9. Rolled up jeans w/ holes in the knees
10. Gold jewelry!
FASHION is FUN and, you can find GREAT deals at Target and, many other stores!

1 comment:

  1. Beth, I love your blog:)))
    I will definitely use your list to update my spring 09 look. I'm home full time with Zoie, but a new slouchy purse might be a fun diaper bag too. I'm 42 & doing the whole baby world again:))) I want to keep up my "hip & 40" look!! LOL
    Its great to meet you thru SUPER cool mom...Susan!!