Monday, February 16, 2009

My Sales Hero! Kyle Ogle

One of my BEST friends on the planet (Darla Ogle) wrote the following letter, re: her late husband (passed away 10-29-08) and, it is because of Kyle that I entered medical sales in the first place! Kyle really encouraged me and, inspired me to get into this field. Thank you Kyle! You are my sales HERO!
As you know, Kyle was the top sales representative for his company for 2008 and was honored at the sales meeting for this accomplishment.They invited me to the meeting to accept his award. I got to say a few words about Kyle and got to thank the people who helped make that goal possible. They showed part of the hunting show where Kyle spoke about not letting the disease define him and several pictures.

To honor Kyle's extraordinary life and achievements, the company created a new award that will be given each year to an outstanding rep who exhibits integrity professionally and personally. I had the honor of presenting the Kyle Ogle Outstanding Achievement Award to the first recipient. Of course, both awards got standing ovations from the crowd of 150 and there was not a dry eye in the room. I couldn't help but think of Kyle's big grin! He loved to win and I am sure would have said something like, "I can't believe you guys let a one armed man with cancer outsell you". By God's grace, and sheer determination, he outsold them all from a sick bed with headset on. :)Like he always used to quote:"Can't never did a thing!". He was all about "can".

With love and pride,

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