Saturday, January 31, 2009

Brooke is 4 Today!

Wow! Hard to believe.....Brooke is 4 today! Today has "taken me back" to that call we received 4 years ago from the hospital in LA....."Mrs. Bryson, your baby girl has been born and, she is doing fine, but, she is really small.......". I will never forget that moment and, I quickly called John and, our parents and, we started to make arrangements to fly to the hospital! WOW! We were praying and praying that she was going to be okay......the nurses in the NICU were asking us to hurry b/c she had not had any visitors and, she was all alone. They said we needed to be talking to her and, that she needed to know our voice because "she had a long way to go, only weighing 3 pounds." We stayed out there with her 6 weeks before she was big enough to be transported back home. We were told that her vision might be compromised and that she could have learning problems and be delayed. We asked EVERYONE we knew to bathe this situation in prayer. The LORD, once again delivered! Brooke is a very ACTIVE and fun little girl! She welcomed 25 children today to decorate cupcakes at her party. She loves to learn and, she is a lot of fun! She just finished putting lipgloss (one of her gifts!) on me and, as I type, I believe she also put in all over my chin! God is FAITHFUL, GOD is always on TIME, God gave us Brooke and, she has brought more joy than I can ever explain to this childless couple! She has brought life into our home and, SO many times, people have said to me, "wow, what a lucky little girl that you all adopted her....."----every time, I always reply, "no, actually, we are the lucky/ blessed one.....she has rescued us". Happy Birthday little Girl! We adore you!
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