Friday, February 27, 2009


I have been doing quite a bit of "spring cleaning" and organizing at our house the past month. Every year, from Jan. through Feb., I seem to "catch the bug" of getting the house more "together" ---from the inside out! One job that I have been avoiding for many months is re-arranging our china cabinet. For over a year, it has looked terrible, more like a storage cabinet vs. a cabinet for display. Last week, a LOVELY book that I had ordered came in the mail----one of my favorite and most admired authors, Carolyne Roehme's new book: A Passion for Blue and White. I ordered the book because, I too, have collected and ADORE blue and white china and dishes----everything from antique Flow Blue, antique English blue/white dishes and even, total 'fakes' (cheap!) of Blue Willow. Many years ago, my sister and I gathered an entire dish set of Blue Willow ( I still use it today!) from Kroger! They were running a "special sale" and, my beloved sister and I collected an entire 12 piece place setting (12 each!) of these wonderful looking of the best set of dishes I have ever owned---and, we still use them OFTEN! So-----I am posting this entry as my "Ode to Blue and White" dishes........I was reminded, while arranging my china cabinet, that I DEARLY adore ALL dishes blue and white and, SILVER---the two together make such a PRETTY display! My Mother has quite a fabulous collection of sterling and, she has "passed down" the love of silver pieces to me! Thanks Mom! I highly recommend starting or extending a collection of blue and white dishes----the dishes look SPECTACULAR on a table- for an elegant dinner party or a spring luncheon. The blue/white is quite versatile because ANY linen accent color will go with it- a hot pink tablecloth and napkins, lime green linens or, for a really elegant table- the blue and white dishes with white table linens and a simple arrangement of white roses (in a crystal compote) in the center. DIVINE! Collecting blue and white is really fun and, I hope you will begin your own collection soon of something you love!

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  1. I love your mix and match blue and white dishes! They do play nicely together. pics are awesome... Such a great article...

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