Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Love Fellowship Memphis!

Love, Love, Love my church, Fellowship Memphis!
Bryan Loritts has really been "bringing it" the past
week in chapters 2 and 3 of Ephesians! WOW! He
really has been helping me expand my thinking on
how Paul lived and, I encourage you to LISTEN by
going to www.fellowshipmemphis.org and listening to
the podcasts! You will be inspired, I promise!

The Sweet Carroll Family Welcome baby Jones!

Wow! So excited for my dear friends John and Ashleigh Carroll-

they recently adopted baby Joshua Jones and, we celebrated with

a SIP-N-SEE this past Sunday- Praise the Lord for this precious new

baby boy! John and Ashleigh are so passionate about life and about

their children, they really inspire me!


Christmas really and truly is "the most
wonderful time of the year!"~ I have been
especially enjoying this year: being at home
with the children, making cinnamon toast
with Brooke in the morning, sipping coffee
by the Christmas tree, thinking of ALL the
many things the Lord has done for us this
past year........he is SO good all of the time!

A Great December- CHRIST-mas time 2008

This has been such a wonderful Christmas season! Brooke is starting to understand the true meaning of Christmas and, how Jesus was born in a manger and how He came to save the world! She and I have been baking together and, she is getting really good in the kitchen! I have my sweet mom and dad to thank for this~ they have both been cooking with her in their kitchen for awhile: she and my dad make waffles together every time we visit and, she and my mom make all sorts of concoctions together! Bo is a sweet boy and very content all of the time! My favorite thing the past few weeks is to sit by the tree and reflect on ALL the many blessings of this past year- there have been ups and downs, and all the while, the Lord is near.