Saturday, January 31, 2009

Brooke is 4 Today!

Wow! Hard to believe.....Brooke is 4 today! Today has "taken me back" to that call we received 4 years ago from the hospital in LA....."Mrs. Bryson, your baby girl has been born and, she is doing fine, but, she is really small.......". I will never forget that moment and, I quickly called John and, our parents and, we started to make arrangements to fly to the hospital! WOW! We were praying and praying that she was going to be okay......the nurses in the NICU were asking us to hurry b/c she had not had any visitors and, she was all alone. They said we needed to be talking to her and, that she needed to know our voice because "she had a long way to go, only weighing 3 pounds." We stayed out there with her 6 weeks before she was big enough to be transported back home. We were told that her vision might be compromised and that she could have learning problems and be delayed. We asked EVERYONE we knew to bathe this situation in prayer. The LORD, once again delivered! Brooke is a very ACTIVE and fun little girl! She welcomed 25 children today to decorate cupcakes at her party. She loves to learn and, she is a lot of fun! She just finished putting lipgloss (one of her gifts!) on me and, as I type, I believe she also put in all over my chin! God is FAITHFUL, GOD is always on TIME, God gave us Brooke and, she has brought more joy than I can ever explain to this childless couple! She has brought life into our home and, SO many times, people have said to me, "wow, what a lucky little girl that you all adopted her....."----every time, I always reply, "no, actually, we are the lucky/ blessed one.....she has rescued us". Happy Birthday little Girl! We adore you!
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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Really, Really "LOVE" this store! I have "inherited" the love of dollar stores from both my Mom and my Mom-in-law! One of our favorite things to do (me w/ each of them!) is shop in these stores and find all sorts of "treasures". Just yesterday, I walked in this fun store and, found the CUTEST iced tea glasses- with cobalt blue stems! I can just "see" them on a spring table! Also was "tempted" by CUTE placemats (red and lime green!) and some cute plates w/ roosters on them! I was a "good girl" and only bought the glasses, but, for a fun "outing" go scout around your closest Dollar Tree or dollar store! F.U.N.!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Please Pray for Jerry Bryson

Please pray for Jerry Bryson (John's Dad and my precious father-in-law). He has been diagnosed with non-Hodkin's Lymphoma for the 3rd time in the past 8 years! He started treatment today! Please pray for his strength and, for the treatment to have mild side effects. He is a WONDERFUL example to me of Christ! He truly has a heart of gold! He has taught me SO much about living for the Lord each and every day! He is VERY positive, he radiates love for Jesus! He is a GREAT man of wisdom and character and, I am SO BLESSED to be related to him! Thank you for praying for Jerry Bryson! Thank you! Prayer changes things! Prayer changes ALL things!!!

We are SUPER excited about adopting our third child! He is due February 22nd in Cairo, GA (pronounced "KA-RO"). Our dear friend Mark Ottinger (originally from Georgia) tells me that this is about as far south Georgia as we can get where lots of peanuts are grown! We are driving over there this coming weekend to meet with the birth parents! We would covet your prayers for our new son! THANK YOU for praying!

My Hometown

Wow! What a GREAT and refreshing weekend I just spent in my hometown....Lake Jackson, TX. AMAZING what time spent with family does for the soul! We did NOTHING but visit, drink coffee, and visit some more! I also was able to visit with two GREAT women in my life (have known them both ALL of my life!), Laura Mays and Judy Stone.....they are both very Godly and wise women and, I was so encouraged to be with both of them! My parents are wonderful grandparents (John's parents too!) and, then, Brooke had a ball playing with her cousin.....Georgia (2 years old!- she is my brother Ben's daughter!)- a GREAT time!
Ahhhhh, nothing like going back to a place that feels like a comfortable old shoe! The BEST!

God Bless America!!!!

GOD BLESS AMERICA! I am so TOTALLY touched by the attendance at President Obama's Inauguration today and, have loved watching this AMAZING and most HISTORICAL event take place in our country! WOW, WOW, WOW! I ask and beg everyone to pray for our new President as he is going to be trying to "fix" our economy and, also, PROTECT our country from evil attacks and, so many other things! Aren't his daughters just ADORABLE? And Mrs. Obama----stunning- our new First Lady! I am just SO PROUD to be an American! LOVED the way Rick Warren prayed today and, he closed "In Jesus' Name"---WOW! Praise the Lord! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!