Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Blessing of Trials

I cannot remember ever reading a more powerful word of encouragement as I did this morning in one of my favorite devotionals of all time, by, Mrs. Charles E. Cowman. Here is a paragraph from today's reading:
Who has not learned that our most sorrowful days are frequently our best? The days when our face is full of smiles and we skip easily through the soft meadow God has adorned with spring flowers, the capacity of our heart is often wasted.
The soul that is always lighthearted and cheerful misses the deepest things of life. Certainly that life has its reward and is fully
satisfied, but the depth of its satisfaction is very shallow. Its heart
is dwarfed, and its nature, which has the potential of experiencing
the highest heights and the deepest depths, remains undeveloped
and the wick of its life burns quickly to the bottom, without ever
knowing the richness of profound joy.
Remember, Jesus said, "Blessed are those who mourn"
Matthew 5:4. Stars shine the brightest during the long dark night
of winter. And the gentian wildflowers display their fairest blooms
among the nearly inaccessible heights of mountain snow and ice.
When told, "It's a gray day", an old Scottish Cobbler once
replied, "Ya, but didn't you see the patch of blue?"
Praise the Lord for loving us enough to bring times of
trial into our lives! During times of hardship, He
is never more near and, His presence in our lives is
unmistakeable! Praise the Lord for His goodness and
mercy! We are forever changed because of a Great God!

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  1. Thank you, Beth! You have been heavy on my heart for a couple of weeks now! I love you and your family!