Thursday, January 22, 2009

Really, Really "LOVE" this store! I have "inherited" the love of dollar stores from both my Mom and my Mom-in-law! One of our favorite things to do (me w/ each of them!) is shop in these stores and find all sorts of "treasures". Just yesterday, I walked in this fun store and, found the CUTEST iced tea glasses- with cobalt blue stems! I can just "see" them on a spring table! Also was "tempted" by CUTE placemats (red and lime green!) and some cute plates w/ roosters on them! I was a "good girl" and only bought the glasses, but, for a fun "outing" go scout around your closest Dollar Tree or dollar store! F.U.N.!

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  1. BETH! This totally cracks me up!!! Secretly I love Dollar Tree too!!! :) Love you my dollar store friend!!!